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Factors that Dictate Manhood in the 21st Century
It is evident that the environment that we live in today is not the same environment that our Fathers lived in. Therefore the modern man seeks to truly understand himself and define his manhood.
The criteria to be used for defining manhood is complicated.
Here are some few tips to help you in becoming manly in this daunting world.
The best strategy into becoming a better man is an understanding of how to coexist with different people.
A man in the 21st century is one that has identified their priorities and desired accomplishments. Whatever goals you set for yourself as a man will be used to determine you are accomplishments within the society. Unlike the past, the society has shifted from pursuing the expectations of parents or the society at the expense of their own innate purpose in life. Healthy value system is key in defining manhood in our society.
These notions of a real man being strong and a bully is no more relevant in our society.
Humanity has inborn sensitivity towards other people’s feelings and needs and that should always be the case.
However, any man that engages in physical force, use of abusive language and bullying is considered to be weak and devoid of a broken manhood.
To be a true man in the 21st century demands for enlightenment and insights.
Your level of enlightenment as a man does not mean that you are superior than the rest of the men but rather should be geared towards finding peace with yourself and the rest of the world.
Due to the pursuit of peace by the modern man, we hereby experience an increase about yoga and meditation.
It has been very confusing for the modern man when it comes to the gender roles.
A lot of things that the 21st century man is no longer mandated today in the present which wasn’t the case in the olden days.
The former division of labour and stores in the final settings and no longer is dominant within the 21st century family set up.
In the modern society the best system has been achieved by a couple agreeing on what best works out for them.
The modern man is also shaped by the fatherhood system that is in place.
Despite the fact that a man was not expected to spend their life at home with their children yet in the modern society this is a common phenomenon.
Be ready to take your time and be very patient since mistakes are bound to me made in your pursuits to becoming a real man.
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